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Biotin vs Saw Palmetto

Biotin & Saw Palmetto for Beating Hair Loss

Biotin and Saw Palmetto are the two most popular and effective additives for hair health. It is thought that biotin (B7) helps increase the rate and thickness of hair growth. Saw palmetto (SP) is thought to block the formation of DHT (the main cause of pattern baldness). However, more scientific evidence is need to prove these theories. 

It should be noted that biotin is beneficial for hair growth, while saw palmetto helps prevent hair loss. The recommended daily intake for B7 is 500mcg. The recommended daily intake of SP is 250mg.

Product Safety & Potency

Both the vitamin B7 and the extract SP are regarded as safe to take. There have been no reported major side-effects from the use of either supplement. There have been rare cases of people suffering from minor headaches from using B7, but nothing further.  Potential side-effects from using SP include slight stomach discomfort and headaches.  It should also be noted that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take saw palmetto.

Although both are generally safe to take - Biotin is the slightly safer of the two.  

Science, Performance & Feedback

It is claimed that biotin acts as a hair growth agent, but no scientific  study has fully backed this claim. Saw Palmetto, originally a treatment for men's prostate cancer, showed to be an effective DHT blocker, after several patients noticed considerable results during their treatment period. 

Neither of these are FDA approved, and more in-depth scientific studies are needed in order to confirm their exact effectiveness for combating hair loss. 

B7 is used in the majority of multi-vitamin hair growth supplements. SP is used in many anti-hair loss supplements due to its potent DHT blocking properties.  Although not conclusive, feedback has generally been good for both ingredients.


Both B7 and SP are very affordable.Expect to pay around £10 for three months supply of biotin, and around £25 for the same supply worth of saw palmetto.


These two are not the easiest to compare and rate against each other, due to the fact they treat different aspects of hair health. If you are looking to battle hair loss safely and effectively, you should seriously consider using these two ingredients in conjunction with each other - either taking them separately, or both combined in a good multi-vitamin hair supplement. 


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Biotin vs Saw Palmetto
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