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HairXcel vs Procerin

What is the Best Hair Supplement? 

HairXcel and Procerin are both long-standing hair health supplements, designed to combat the formation of DHT and encourage healthy hair growth. Procerin is regarded as the number one selling natural hair supplement for men in the USA. HairXcel does not have the same scale of popularity, but is still relatively well known.

We rate these two supplements against each other based on six attributes; Safety, longevity, performance, value for money, ingredients and user reviews.


Product Safety 

Both supplements contain safe and natural ingredients, therefore users are very unlikely to suffer from any major side-effects. However, Procerin does contain a much higher dosage of saw palmetto, which can lead to some unwanted side-effects. It used to contain over 1000mg, but has recently reduced the dosage to 600mg. HairXcel contains around 200mg. The recommended safe daily dosage of saw palmetto is between 250mg-400mg, therefore we conclude that HairXcel is the slightly safer supplement of the two.


Hair products such as these are truly rated on their longevity factor. Some supplements can slow down and prevent baldness for a matter of weeks or months initially, but others can work for a much longer period of time.

Based on customers reviews, it appears Procerin is the quicker starter of the two, however, many users have complained that the effects tend to wane off after two to three months of use. HairXcel contains a broader base of ingredients that work to slow down hair fall over a much longer period of time.


It is still unclear how effective both products are, but we give Procerin the edge, solely on the basis they have a far greater customer return rate, however, HairXcel also caters for women, which makes it a much more diverse hair supplement.

Value for Money

Price-wise, both products are positioned on the lower end of the market, which makes them both very affordable. We give Procerin the edge here, as it can be purchased for a low as £15 a bottle when you purchase in multi-pack deals. It also has a larger distribution, making it easily accessible.


As we stated earlier, both supplements are safe to use, but HairXcel does contain a lot more ingredients. Procerin bases its formula largely on saw palmetto, and although this has proved to be a highly effective formula for blocking DHT, more scientific research is needed in order to confirm its exact effectiveness.

HairXcel contains a good blend of hair beneficiary ingredients such as biotin and folic acid, which clinical tests have shown to be effective hair health contributors.

Customers Reviews

It is difficult to establish exactly how genuine most product reviews are, especially with products of this nature, but from reading independent review websites and online hair loss forums, it is evident that Procerin is by far the more well-known brand of the two, and has substantially more positive reviews.

It doesn't matter how long a product has been on the market for - if it is effective then it will quickly gain positive reviews and a large customer base. This is why Procerin wins this particular category.

The Results

These are both good hair health supplements for treating early stages of baldness and thinning hair, and although neither are FDA approved, they should definitely be considered by patients suffering from Norwood Hamilton hair loss 2-4.

Overall, when you take into account the effectiveness, addtives and price, there is not much separating these two hair products, which is why this contest is rated as a draw.


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HairXcel vs Procerin
4/ 5

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