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PHYTO vs HR23+

Phytophanere and HR23+ Supplements for Beating Hair Loss

Phytophanere and HR23+ are two of the best selling hair growth supplements on the market.  Phytophanere (Phyto) is mainly marketed for female users, and HR23+ is a unisex hair supplement.

Both products are safe, yet potent formulas that aim to prevent hair fall and encourage healthier, fuller, hair growth.  Here, we compare these two winning products on six key attributes... 

Safety & Potency

Both supplements do not contain any major side-effects. At worst, users may experience slight stomach discomfort, but this can be prevented when taking the pills with food. 

HR23+ does contain the potent North American plant extract, Saw Palmetto, which can lead to some minor side-effects, therefore technically, we would rate Phyto as the slightlier safer product of the two. 

Effectiveness & Ingredients

Supplements like these work differently with each individual, therefore it is impossible to define which of the two is more effective. However, based on the ingredients and the science behind each formula, it is evident that HR23+ would most likely offer better results.

HR23+ has a key blend of DHT blocking properties and hair growth agents that work in conjunction with each other to help users prevent hair fall and promote hair growth.  Phyto tends to base its formula on hair growth agents, with not as much emphasis on hair loss prevention. 


Phyto is positioned at the mid-price-range of the hair supplement market, at around £30 per single bottle. HR23+ is positioned near the high-end price-range, at around £49 per single bottle.

Customer Reviews

Based on customer reviews on the product websites and online hair loss forums, it seems Phyto has around 75% customer satisfaction rate compared to HR23+ which has a customer satisfaction rate of around 85%. 

The Results... 

Both supplements can achieve excellent results in helping men and women maintain thicker hair growth, however, HR23+ is more effective in preventing hair fall.  Phyto should be used by women who no not necessarily suffer from thinning hair, but perhaps just need a formula that will boost hair growth at a much quicker rate. 

HR23+ is designed top revent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth in men and women who suffer from early stages of baldness and thinning hair.


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PHYTO vs HR23+
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