Monday, 3 April 2017

Procerin XT Foam vs TRX2 Hair Foam

Hair Growth Foams for Treating Hair Loss

Hair growth foams are popular forms of treatments for baldness, and the most common form of hair foam is Minoxidil's Regaine (Rogaine).  There are a few factors that make foams such a popular choice for men and women battling baldness, the main reasons being that it is easy to apply, it dries quickly and it doesn't leave your hair looking greasy. 

Based on six key attributes, here, we compare two of the leading non-Minoxidil hair treatment foams on the market, Procerin XT Treatment Foam and TRX2 Hair Revitalizing Foam. 

Safety and Ingredients

Both products are considered safe to use, with no major risk of side-effects.  Procerin has been on the market for nearly a decade, and user complaints have been minimal.  TRX2's foam version has only been on the market for a few months. You may experience slight itchiness from initial use of both products, but this should lcear away as you get used to it. 

Both foams contain a long list of hair beneficiaries, with Procerin perhaps containing the slightly more potent formula, making TRX2 the slightly safer of the two foams.

Longevity and Performance

Procerin XT Foam is considered to be one of the leading hair loss treatment foams on the market, with its ability to help users sustain a good rate of hair growth over a long period of time.  TRX2 Revitalizing Foam, still new to the market, has shown good potential, but more time is needed in order to identify its true effectiveness.


Procerin XT Foam is priced at around £30 per single bottle, whereas TRX2 Revitalizing Foam is priced between £40-£45, depending where you purchase it. 

Customer Reviews

Based on their website testimonials and online hair loss forums and discussion boards, Procerin is by far the better reviewed product. The average customer satisfaction rate for Procerin XT Foam is 80%.  However, TRX2 Foam is very new to the market, therefore we expect more feedback from users over the coming months. 

The Results... 

Procerin edges this battle by 4 points to 2, based on its longevity, effectiveness, value for money, and its user feedback and reviews. However, we do acknowledge that TRX2 Foam has not been on the market for a long period of time, therefore these results far from reflect the effectiveness of both brands. 



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Procerin XT Foam vs TRX2 Hair Foam
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