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Hair Growth Supplements - Price Comparison

What is the best Hair Growth Supplement?

During your search in finding a treatment for hair loss, getting the best value for your money is essential, but finding something that works is by far the most important thing. With hundreds of hair growth supplements available on the market, it can be difficult to know which supplements are more effective than others. So, looking at the most well-known brands on the market, we bring you the ultimate price and performance comparison guide, to help you find the right hair supplement...

Lowest Price Hair Supplements

Single ingredient supplements do have their pros and cons. The advantage of single extract supplements like saw palmetto or nettle leaf is that they are cheap, and they are beneficial for hair health. The problem is, baldness cannot be prevented by just one single ingredient or extract, therefore you would need to buy quite a few of these supplements in order to get the best possible results - and that's where the price begins to build up.

Medium Priced Hair Supplements

Medium range hair pills are usually made up of a handful of hair growth ingredients, but not in all cases. Some mid-range products like HairXcel contain over 20 hair ingredients, offering users great value for money. But single gender products like Procerin (for men) only contain a few ingredients, but focusing more on a higher dosage of one specific ingredient. These types of products have proved to be very hit and miss, but they can help some individuals with hair loss.

Highest Priced Hair Supplements  

The expensive hair supplements may have the best reviews and exposure, but you'll need to be extremely careful before parting with you cash here. Expensive multi-vitamin hair supplements tend to contain more ingredients (but not in all cases), offering users a more potent blend to its cheaper counterparts, but that does not necessarily mean they will work. HR23+ and Nutrafol contain a lot of ingredients and both have good customer reviews, making them an appealing option. On the opposite end of the scale, TRX2 comes with a mixed bag of reviews, and only contains a handful of ingredients. Again, it really is a case of finding what treatment works best for you individually.

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Hair Growth Supplements - Price Comparison
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