Hair Loss Supplements

Can Hair Supplements Treat Hair Loss?

Natural hair supplements are the most popular form of 'treatment' for hair loss.  Multi-vitamin formulas can offer men and women a viable solution for tackling balding and thinning hair.  Natural hair supplements tend to be safe and free of nasty side-effects, hence why they are so popular.

What are the best anti-hair loss ingredients used in supplements? 

Multi-vitamin hair supplements contain a broad range of hair beneficiary ingredients. Some of the most effective ingredients found in most decent hair supplements are: Biotin (Vitamin B7); Folic Acid; Saw Palmetto; Ginkgo Biloba; MSN; Retinol (Vitamin A).  

Although more tests are needed in order to confirm the exact effectiveness of non-FDA-approved supplements, many of these products have worked to aid the slowing down of hair fall.  These supplements can also promote healthy, stronger, faster growing hair follicles.

Who should take hair supplements? 

These types of products are specifically designed for men and women who suffer from very early stages of baldness and thinning hair. And although they are not 'treatments' for pattern baldness, they do offer users a safe alternative to the harsh medicines and treatments also available on the market.  The earlier you tackle hair loss, the better these supplements will perform. 

How to choose the best hair supplement? 

Choosing the right supplement is like anything in life - it's about picking the product that suits your particular needs.  The effectiveness of pills and tablets will work differently for each individual, so in this case, it's specifically about choosing the supplement that works best for you. 

Be sure to research the best hair supplements out there, look into ingredients, customer reviews, trials and feedback. Get a better understanding of how your hair works and what types of ingredients best treat your condition.  Remember, for every legit product, there will always been a snake oil, so be careful, and make sure the product(s) you buy are well-established and made in GMP certified labs. 

Below, you can see some of the top hair supplements on the market. Here's how we rate them, based on the five key attributes.  These ratings are based on our own research, and remember, cases vary with each individual.