Topical Hair Loss Treatments

Scalp Therapy Solutions for Hair Loss

Topical hair loss solutions have existed for decades, but there is still little evidence to suggest exactly how effective they are.  The most common forms of topical hair loss treatments are:

- Shampoos
- Serums
- Lotions
- Creams
- Foams
- Liquids

The only FDA approved scalp therapy application is Minoxidil, which is most commonly branded and marketed by the name of Regaine (or Rogaine in the US). 

What are the best ingredients used in topical solutions? 

Minoxidil aside, the most common ingredients used in most high-potency scalp applications are: Vitamin B7; Folic Acid; Saw Palmetto; KGF; Pumpkin Seed Extract; Vitamin C. 

Topical ant-hair loss products have dipped in popularity in recent years, mainly due to the rise in popularity of hair health supplements, but many of these treatments still gain positive reviews from users.  Although these products are used by both men and women, it is women who tend to favour topical treatments over herbal supplements. 

Who should use topical formula? 

More testing is needed to determine exactly how effective many of these products are for treating hair loss, therefore men and women suffering from early stages of thinning hair (Norwood 2-4) should consider using a topical formula. 

The FDA approved, Minoxidil, has proven to regrow hair follicles, but again, it is recommended that this formula be taken during early stages of hair loss.  Another potent ingredient commonly used in serums, Saw Palmetto, should be used in moderation, and definitely not during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

How to choose the best topical anti-hair loss solution? 

With literally hundreds, possibly even thousands, of anti-hair fall treatments and products on the market, choosing the right one can be quite a difficult task.  Results with each treatment or product will always vary with each individual, therefore finding a solution that works best for you, can indeed be a long process. 

Make sure you go through some stages of 'trial and error'.  Trying different products and comparing the results will help you determine what kinds of ingredients work best for your hair.  Also, be sure to conduct your own research - if you're entering the complicated process of fighting baldness, you will need to know your stuff. 

Here is a list of some of the most effective topical solutions for combating balding and thinning hair...